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Sunday, January 19th

12:00pm - 12:30pm | Ariana Falerni 

Wall Art, From Virtual to Reality: Ways to Use Room Mock-Ups in Your Marketing to Ensure That Your Clients Say Yes to Wall Art in the Salesroom!

Selling printed portraits is more than just adding wall art to your price list and hoping your clients buy! SHOWING wall art not only in the sales room but in all of your client touch points prior to the sales session is essential for any photographer or studio who wants to transition from selling just digitals to wall art. From unique ways to featuring wall art on your website, to specific types of social media posts, product guides and more, Ariana will give you actionable ideas that you can use to plant the seed for printed portraits early and often in your client's mind.  

1:00pm - 1:45pm | Audrey Woulard

Albums Matter: 9 Ways to Make Your Client a Believer! 

I will talk about the ease of using albums to guarantee sales. With my portrait work, I am definitely an album person, and this year, I am going to explore different ways to incorporate my album thought process with other products. Sometimes photographers feel that they cannot sell albums. So we all know when your images are huge and big on the wall, that feels great to us as photographers, right? We also believe that having a huge image on the wall is a talking piece. Do not discount the client who can showcase an album or even a new product that will show how you can create variety. As professional photographers, how many times have you heard this… “I just want one good shot!” I mean… we can create a LOT of good shots right? I do not want to be known as the “one shot photographer”. By giving my client a product or product(s) that showcase my skill set as a photographer is a win/win. So when a photographer states… ” I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!” Now you have an alternative!

2:00pm - 2:30pm | Jessica Robertson

Treat People Like You Would Like to be Treated. Experience Still Matters!

Often in our studio, we ask ourselves, “How would you like to be treated?” This is our gauge for determining a process or procedure for our clients. We have excellent client retention and I believe this is due to giving our clients a great experience coupled with quality imagery they love. 

With that mindset when we started our business, I was not comfortable with the traditional In-Person Sales Model. If I am going to make a large investment, I need some time to digest and think about my purchase. So, again, treating our clients how I would like to be treated, our process starts with an in-person consultation, followed by their session, and then we have a Modified In-Person Sales Process. We post our images online through N-Vu one week after the session and one week before the ordering session. So why release this “control”? Simply, because it is how we would like to be treated. It is also practical, because it is not uncommon for our senior clients to wear eight outfits and we typically show 20-25 images of each outfit. With having to review so many images it can be counter-productive with a traditional “lock-them-in-a-room-until-they-order” process. Our clients come in excited and ready for guidance. They have photographed places in their home to hang their portraits and therefore we are in a place to help, rather than conduct high pressure sales. 

3:00pm - 3:30pm | Jeff Edwards

Improving The Profitability of School Photography

In the volume business you can MAKE MONEY OR LOSE MONEY very fast. This presentation will show you how to detect the signs of potential problems.  

In addition, we will talk about specific ways to fix problems and improve profitability over all.  

4:00pm - 4:30pm | Jason Weaver 

Adding Volume to Your Boutique Business

Jason will show you how he and his wife, Rebecca, successfully added volume to their boutique studio. They have created a hybrid studio with volume for Christmas and Easter mini sessions, as well as adding another business tract for volume seniors. If you are considering the move to volume, or wondering how to incorporate volume into your current studio business, this is a must see!

Monday, January 20th

12:00pm - 12:30pm | Creative Soul

5 Niche Marketing Ideas to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Running into road blocks trying to attract your ideal client? Join international child photographers, CreativeSoul Photography, as they discuss how to identify, attract and retain the perfect client for you. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to lock in your dream clients.  

1:00pm - 1:30pm | Shawn Cantrell

Knockout Sports - A Game Changer!

No longer do you have to choose between the “take a knee and grin” sports photos or spending hours in Photoshop to get elevated designs. Inspired by professional sports and built upon automated volume workflows, our Knockout Sports Program allows you to offer this next-level product offering to 20 clients or 20,000 clients. Learn how to work simpler and faster with exciting product solutions engineered to generate excitement with your clients.

2:00pm - 2:45pm | Sal Cincotta

Five Ways to Increase Your Sales

Tired of being broke? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course you are. We all want to make more money. The path doesn't have to be complicated. Sales doesn't have to be dirty. Just because you are an artist doesn't mean you need to be a “starving” artist. Join Sal Cincotta as he shows you 5 ways to increase your sales that you can implement today. 

3:00pm - 3:30pm | Rachael Boer and Dorie Howell

From the Practice Room to the Sales Room

In this engaging program, Rachael and Dorie share how their experiences as professional musicians have translated into their careers as successful photographers. You'll learn about mindset tricks that are used by the top 1% of musicians and other performers at schools like Juilliard and on stages across the world, and how they can benefit photographers in the sales room. The lessons learned in the practice room, such as mental preparedness, tenacity, persistence, and confidence translate beautifully for photographers who want to grow their businesses and achieve consistently higher sales.

4:00pm - 4:30pm | Casey Dittmer

Service Over Selling: Creating A Client Experience That Drives Higher Sales

In today's society, consumers are over-saturated with visual images and photographer options. You can STOP THE SCROLL by creating dynamic images and elevated client experiences that will make you stand out from the pack. Casey will discuss three key elements to serve your clients in a way that will lead to higher sales. Learn important client communication techniques to help find the right clients and make the planning process efficient and smooth. Making sure you are shooting and posing confidently, will help each client feel like a super model and create clients for LIFE. Learn easy tips and tricks that will leave them feeling excited and primed for their IPS session. Finally, discuss how establishing products with purpose, will guide your sales and leave your clients feeling thrilled with the whole experience and you with higher profits. 

Tuesday, January 21st

11:35am - 12:00pm | Tribe of 5

Marketing During IPS

Are you in need of more marketing ideas? Do you feel like you’re missing marketing opportunities? During this class, Tribe of 5 coaches Tavis & Amy Guild and David & Whitney Scott will take you through their IPS experience. While on this journey, they will share with you their secrets on how to create walking billboards for your photography business and make you stand out in your marketplace. 

12:00pm - 12:30pm | Meredith Ryncarz

How to Make the Shift to In Person Sales

This class is designed to walk photographers through the steps they need to take to start offering IPS in their studios. Often times we jump feet first into IPS leaving our current clients with whiplash, wondering what just happened. In this 30 minute class I will share our top tips to make this work and one major roadblock to avoid.

1:00pm - 1:30pm | Kia Bondurant

Faces On the Wall Not in the Clouds: A Guide to a Profitable and Stylish Family Portrait Business

Most photographers want to capture family portraits with interaction and forever memories, but they don’t know how to sell them in a way that actually makes money. Do you feel like family portrait trends have moved from boring but lucrative to exciting but cheap? Have your clients transitioned from wearing a uniform of jeans and white T’s to super-styled clothing? Have they moved from purchasing canvas wall portraits to expecting disks of digital images to post on Instagram but that get lost in the cloud? Join Kia Bondurant, a 20 year pro, on her journey to attract and photograph families stylishly while helping them preserve and cherish their portraits in a meaningful and profitable way.

2:00pm - 2:30pm | Kirk Voclain

What To Say To Real Estate Agents

This presentation is going to be an exact duplicate (down to the offering of donuts) of what Kirk says to real estate agents to convince them to use him for all their professional photography and video needs. Come and join us! You get to be the “Real Estate Agents” and Kirk will do his presentation for you. Ask questions as Professional Photographers or as Real Estate Agents! It is going to be mega fun!